According to the FTC, identity theft is one the top complaints from military consumers. Join Military Consumer and @StopFraudCo on Thursday October 12 at 1:00 PM MT/ 3:00 PM ET as we discuss identity theft and cybersecurity in the military community as we answer these questions:

Q1. What should members of the military know about identity theft?

Q2. What makes servicemembers or veterans targets for identity theft?

Q3. Can #identitytheft affect a servicemembers job?

Q4. What does a credit freeze do?

Q5. What’s the difference between credit freeze and a fraud alert?

Q6. What tools can help active duty soldiers monitor their credit and guard their finances?

Q7. What are major things to remember about identity theft?

Q8. If a servicemember suspects identity theft, what should they do?

Q9. How can members of the military and families protect themselves identity theft?

Q10. Where can military families find more resources for identity theft recovery & prevention?

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