Did you visit a LasikPlus or Joffe MediCenter in response to ads that you could get LASIK for less than $300 only to learn that you didn’t qualify for that price? You might be eligible for a settlement payment. 

Last year, the FTC ordered Ohio-based LCA-Vision, doing business as LasikPlus and Joffe MediCenter, to pay $1.25 million to compensate people who were tricked into believing they could have LASIK for less than $300. In truth, very few people who responded to ads that ran between 2015 and 2020 actually qualified for the low price. Anyone with vision worse than 20/40 — vision good enough to drive without glasses — didn’t qualify for the advertised price, but were told that only after undergoing a 90-minute full-dilation eye exam and sales pitch. At that point, customers were told the true regular LasikPlus price of $1,800-$2,295 per eye.

Now, the FTC is using the money recovered to compensate people for their lost time. To see if you’re eligible and to file a claim:

  1. Make sure you have a claim ID. You’ll find it in a letter or email you got from the FTC. If not, email info@LasikPlusSettlement.com or call 877-871-0504 to get one.
  2. File a claim online at ftc.gov/lasik.

The deadline to file a claim is May 20, 2024. We plan to send payments before the end of the year. Payment amounts will depend on several factors, including how many people file claims.

Have questions? Call the administrator at 877-871-0504 or email info@LasikPlusSettlement.com.

If you think a company has used misleading practices to sell you a service or product, report it to the FTC at ReportFraud.ftc.gov.



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