No one can guarantee that you’ll make money from your investments. Smart investors do their homework to reduce their risk; a “buy and hold” approach tends to come out ahead. 


  • Before you invest, do your homework. Check out the investment, the company, and the person telling you to invest in the offer, even if you know them.
  • Know the classic signs of fraud.
    • Has someone promised a high rate of return on an investment with low risk? High returns always involve high risk. There are never guarantees with investments.
    • Has someone pressured you to invest before you’ve had time to investigate? 
    • Claims that you can “get rich quick” or “make money fast” are also signs of fraud.
    • Scammers sometimes work through groups you trust – like military or religious groups, or ethnic communities – or try to gain your trust by operating from a location near your installation. They use that affinity with you to gain – and misuse – your trust.  


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