Identity theft can disrupt your life, wreck your finances, and even lead to the loss of your security clearance.


  • Act fast:
    • Call the companies where you know fraud occurred. Ask them to close or freeze those accounts because your identity was stolen. Change your account logins, passwords, and PINS. 
    • Then visit or call 1-877-438-4338. Report the crime and get a recovery plan that’s just for you. You can create an account that helps you with the recovery steps and tracks your progress.
    • Place a fraud alert and get your credit report. Contact one of the credit bureaus for the alert. It’s free and lasts 90 days. That bureau must tell the other two. You’ll get a letter from each credit bureau confirming that they placed the fraud alert on your file.
    • Notify your commanding officer. You don’t want them caught off guard if they get calls looking for you, trying to collect on debts that aren’t yours.


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