No legitimate company will ever charge you money to get a job, or guarantee you a job only if you pay. But job scammers will. Job search services might charge, but you’ll want to do some research up-front to make sure you get your money’s worth.


  • To find a job, participate in military job fairs and seek out employers who have a record of hiring veterans.
  • If you’re interested in transitioning to a civilian job in the federal government, Feds Hires Vets has information about veterans preferences, the federal hiring process, and job listings.
  • Search CareerOneStop to find listings for jobs, information in your state’s job bank, and available training programs in every state. You’ll also find special programs for veterans, older or younger workers, and people with disabilities
  • Get free information about federal and postal jobs at   Look online for your state’s Department of Labor for job listings, local job offices, county human resource offices, and resources for counseling and referrals.
  • Contact your installation education office about benefits and opportunities, including  Troops to Teachers, a program to help transitioning service members begin new careers as public school teachers.
  • Get tips about resume-writing, interviewing and finding jobs for free. Check online job boards, networking sites, your local library, or your school’s placement office.
  • Are you thinking about using a job search service?
    • Remember that no job service can guarantee you a job – and no legit job service will promise you a job if only you’ll pay them. If they do, walk away.
    • Get all promises and details in writing. What will you pay? What do you get for your money? What happens if they don’t find you a job? What is their refund policy?
    • Can’t get the paperwork to review in advance? Walk away.
    • If the service finds you a job, check it out. Go online or call the company where the promised job is. Is there a job listing at all? Are they really using the job service to fill the job?


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