If you’re in the military, your financial decisions can have long-term effects on your family life, security clearance, and mission readiness. In fact, the Department of Defense (DoD) has said that financial readiness is a critical part of the force’s mission readiness. It makes sense: when you know how to manage your money – and how to spot a rip-off – you’re more financially solid. And that helps keep you mission-ready.

That’s why the FTC created the Military Consumer Toolkit with DoD, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Military Saves, and dozens of federal, state, and other partners.

The Military Consumer Toolkit gives you short, mobile-friendly tips that won’t slow you down. Want to buy a car, manage your money during deployment, or continue your education? Get started on your phone at Military.Consumer.gov.

In addition to the tips, the Toolkit has a short guide and presentation slides for financial counselors with suggestions for using the tips when advising the military community. If you work with those who serve – and the families that support them – use the slides and talking points for financial readiness lessons and events. Share the tips and blog posts on your social media networks. All materials from the Military Consumer Toolkit – and from the Federal Trade Commission – are free. There’s no copyright on any of our resources. Cut and paste the tips, slides, and talking points; print and make copies; or order free copies of consumer publications from FTC.gov/bulkorder.

So if you’re in the service, or part of a military family, check out the Toolkit at Military.Consumer.gov – and then share it with someone else who can use it. They can get tips to know where their money goes, make today’s paycheck go further, and avoid the latest scams. It’s all at Military.Consumer.gov.