As Military Consumer Month comes to a close, the work doesn’t end here. While servicemembers, veterans, and their families do so much for our country, scammers continue to target their hard-earned salaries and benefits year-round.

Find out about the latest frauds and scams this month and every month on At this one-stop shop, you’ll find information from government agencies, consumer advocates, and military support groups. Updates, toolkits, and other resources will help you, your family, and fellow servicemembers spot and avoid scams and bad business practices.

This year’s Military Consumer Month blog series included three issues affecting military families. Check them out to learn more about how to help.

  • Protect your personal information from scammers trying to steal your identity. According to the FTC’s data, active duty servicemembers are significantly more likely than civilians to report that an identity thief misused one of their accounts.
  • Spot the signs of an imposter scam. That’s where a scammer pretends to be from the government, tech support, or another trusted source to trick you into sending money or sharing personal details.
  • Keep an eye out for fraud when buying a new car or truck. Some dealers may claim the price is higher than was advertised in listings or charge hidden fees to try to get you to pay more than you should.

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