Veterans and their families deserve truthful information when choosing how and where to use their military education benefits. Are you getting the straight scoop on what your program will cost, the likelihood of graduating and the chances for getting a job in your field? If you’re not getting the information you need to make an informed decision, the FTC and its agency partners want to know. 

A new, streamlined complaint process makes it easier for veterans to share their complaints about their education. The Commission is working with other federal agencies – the Departments of Defense, Education and Justice, the VA and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – to coordinate this new way to gather information from veterans, servicemembers and their families about their experiences with a college.

You can file your complaint with these agencies; it will be saved in the FTC’s Consumer Sentinel Network database. Sentinel is confidential and accessible only to law enforcers – more than 2,000 agencies nationwide. These complaints will help law enforcement identify fraudulent and deceptive practices and take action.

If you think a school or college misled you or didn’t give you the whole picture, file a complaint at VA or DoD – or email the Department of Education at If you’re trying to decide if an education program is right for you, read Choosing a College.