The National Association for Black Veterans, Inc (NABVETS), with headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a 501c(3), nationally certified Veterans Service Organization by the Department of Veterans Affairs to assist veterans with filing claims for VA benefits and to represent veterans before the Board of Veterans Appeals. 

NABVETS provides strategic advocacy with Congress, the Federal Administration, State Administrations and other agencies and organizations on behalf of all veterans; and particularly African American veterans, women veterans, veterans disabled, homeless, incarcerated or of limited means. NABVETS, with over 50 chapters across the nations and five State Commands works in ‘Unity with the Community’ to end homelessness, empower low-income and minority veterans and advocate for disadvantaged youth in all matters related to their successful passage into adulthood.

NABVETS works closely with the Veterans Enterprise Training & Services Group (VETS Group), NAACP Veterans Affairs Committee and the Consumer Action Agency to provide outreach, training and support to veterans and their families transitioning back into the community.



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