If an online love interest asks you for money - that's a scam. ReportFraud.ftc.gov ftc.gov/RomanceScams #RomanceScamsWith Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you or your friends might be thinking about love. But not everyone is — some are just looking to get into your pockets. Read on so you can spot and report scammers before they trick someone you care about out of money.

Romance scammers might contact you on social media or dating apps saying they want to get to know you. It’s true love, they say, but they live too far away to meet. Maybe because of work, or because they’re in the military.

Then they start asking for money: it could be for a plane ticket, surgery, or something else urgent — or even to “help” you invest in cryptocurrency. In fact, check out the just-released Data Spotlight for the low-down on the lies that romance scammers use to bait their trap — and to see how much money they raked in last year.

So, how do you spot a romance scam?

  • If an online love interest asks you for money, that’s a scam. Period. Don’t send a reload, prepaid, or gift card; don’t wire money; and don’t send cryptocurrency to someone you met online.
  • If someone appears on your social media and rushes you to start a friendship or romance, slow down. Talk to someone you trust before you respond.
  • If you suspect someone is a scammer, cut off contact. Tell the online app or social media platform right away, and then tell the FTC at ReportFraud.ftc.gov.
  • Most importantly, talk about what you know with your friends and family. Romance scams can be particularly complicated because once they start, it can feel embarrassing to talk about them. But let your friends and family know that you’re there to listen. You could help save them money — and heartache.


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Going through a Social Security Disability application steps may be a daunting task for many individuals. The procedure could be frustrating and time-consuming, in addition to odds of getting declined are increased. This is when a social security disability lawyer is available in. A legal professional will allow you to navigate the application form process, boost your odds of becoming approved, and also appeal a denied claim. In this article, we are going to discuss about five issues linked to the duty of a social security disability lawyer or attorney.

Finding your way on the subject of the the Social Security Disability application process with the aid of legal counsel
The social security disability application process could be complicated then intimidating. A lawyer will allow you to comprehend the requirements and show you through the method. They could also allow you to gather the necessary medical evidence and paperwork to guide your very own claim. They are able to further help out with readying a person for the case, if required.

The necessity of professional medical proof in a Social Security Disability case
Medical evidence is essential in a social security disability claim. It really is used to show which you have a medical condition that stops you against doing work. Legal counsel makes it possible to arrange the required medical proof and offer it in a manner that is most probably to be accepted because of the social security administration. They are able to also help you obtain medical records as well as other documents that maintain your claim.

Typical misunderstandings about Social Security Disability and exactly how a legal professional can help
There are lots of common myths regarding social security disability. For instance, lots of people genuinely believe that only those people who are permanently disabled are qualified to receive benefits. However, it is not true. A lawyer makes it possible to comprehend the eligibility requirements and dispel any misconceptions you could have. They are able to also provide guidance on just how to present your case when you look at the most favorable light.

The appeals strategy for refused Social Security Disability cases and just how a legal professional will help
In case your claim is denied, you've got the straight to appeal. Legal counsel makes it possible to comprehend the appeals process and portray you through the hearing. They are able to also allow you to gather additional evidence and build a stronger case to boost your chances of triumph.

How to pick just the right Social Security Disability legal professional for the case
It is critical to choose a lawyer that has know-how dealing with social security disability matters. Seek out legal counsel that is familiar with the social security administration's guidelines and methods. It's also advisable to feel comfortable communicating with them and trust their judgment. Seek out a legal professional who is able to create clear and genuine answers to your questions and offer assistance through the method.

In summary, a social security disability personal injury attorney can play a vital role into the application and appeals process. They could assist you to get around the method, boost your chances of getting authorized, and appeal a refuted claim. An attorney can also help you realize the qualifications needs and drive out any fallacies you've probably. It is important to choose legal counsel who has experience handling social security disability matters, in accordance with that you feel comfortable communicating.

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