Weather forecasters are predicting an active hurricane season, but if you live in large parts of the country — including those hit by tornadoes over Memorial Day Weekend — you’ve probably noticed more active storms of all types. To get started preparing for hurricane season or any storm, while avoiding scams, check for new information to help you spot, avoid, and report scams as you prepare for, deal with, and recover from extreme weather and natural disasters.

Like all the FTC’s free resources, the site is mobile-friendly — giving you ready access to information when and where you need it. When it comes to planning for a possible weather emergency, the more you know — and the earlier you know it — the better prepared you’ll be to avoid weather-related scams and frauds.

To stay ahead of weather-related scammers, here are steps you can take now.

  • Update your insurance policy. To avoid surprises later, check to make sure your insurance policy is current and find out what is covered — and what isn’t.
  • Check out contractors before you need one. Ask people you know and trust for recommendations. Then search online for the company’s name with words like “scam” or “complaint.”
  • Research online sellers before you buy. Unusually low prices are a sign of a scam. If you see an ad for what seems like a familiar company but you’re not sure the ad is real, check it out. But go to the company’s website using a page you know is real — not the link in the ad.



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